Customized editing

The editing tool that lets you focus on what is important – creating great content without unwanted distractions.Every view in the UI is tailored after your needs and your content.

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It has never been easier

By inviting the right people in the content creation you ensure that the content is both relevant and current. People in and outside your organisation can register their own account and you approve them. They can then create and maintain their own content under your supervision.

Let cafe owners in your destination create their own page, or let the exhibitor in your fair build their own digital stand in the app. More people will be able to contribute with content no matter what you do and the app will become richer.

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Next, next, finished!

Build your pages step-by-step in an incredible easy flow based on page templates. Each template is created based on its purpose and ensures that the right content is in the right place in the app.

You will not need to worry about form and function - the app will handle it.

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